Girl wearing a fashion jacket with an NFC tag integrated. She holds a phone with a mobile experience.

We transform products into digital platforms

A platform allowing brands to deliver engaging product experiences to consumers.

No technology, no code. We deliver an all-in-one, integrated solution that is easy to use by different teams.


By giving consumers access to your brand

Connect and engage with your consumers throughout their journey and accelerate your performance.
NFC Tag storytelling - Tappr Network


Inspire your consumer with compelling stories about your brand and products.

Did you know? 70% of consumers think brands should boost positivity and share positive stories during the pandemic.

NFC Consumer Insights - Tappr Network


Get to know your consumers better and have deeper, personalised conversations.

Did you know? 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to create a more a personalised experience

NFC in product commerce - Tappr


Turn your products into a new sales channel and discover new ways to drive more revenue by using upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Did you know? 76% of consumers that feel connected will buy from you over a competitor

NFC brand protection to prevent counterfeit or gray market - Tappr


Simplify product authentication and guarantee your consumers they have the real thing.

Did you know? 26% of consumers were conned into buying fake products the last 12 months

A inspirational story that is presented using a mobile experience through NFC & QR technology.
In a sea of sameness
be unforgettable

It's not enough to have a quality product or service, you need to know how to talk about it in a way that differentiates you from the crowd. That's why storytelling is so important.

"At GOFRANCK we want to remain relevant for our customers. Doing collaborations with artists enables us to build deep and emotional connections with our community.

Tappr Network helped us maximize our reach at a very reasonable cost. NFC was quickly adopted and resulted in a high ‘tap’- and connect rate.

We will continue to look at this technology to bring our stories to the market."
URS Hasam
Urs Hasham
NFC can enable consumers to receive push notifications.
Personalize every interaction

In the fast-paced digital world, data and insights are key to pivoting strategies & building a connection.

Brands must quickly move from the age of data collection to the age of data interpretation and integration.

QR marketing service - Tappr Network

Simplify product registration & accelerate brand loyalty

Consumers are 80% more likely to register a product if they can do it on their mobile. Tappr Network makes it frictionless for consumers to register their product using social media single sign-on.

86% of consumers are willing to exchange data for personalised experiences or other rewards.
QR Code marketing Netherlands

Personalize campaigns

How do you stop spraying, praying and paying!?

By having a real relationship based on a deeper understanding of your customer. Personalisation is a driver for many KPI's including traffic, engagement duration and eventually your conversion rate.

Let Tappr Network help you increase your performance.
NFC Tag Netherlands

Push notifications - your most effective communication channel

Push notifications have a 10x higher delivery & open rate as opposed to traditional channels such as e-mail. Drive your conversion rates up 3-4 times with cleverly crafted Call-To-Action's such as discounts, coupons and limited edition sales.

We enable segmented push notifications and facilitate personalised messages for maximum results.
NFC products Netherlands

Optimize ad spend through Look-A-Like audience

Getting to know your customers has many advantages. One of them is that we can help you decrease your cost per acquisition. Essentially, Tappr Network helps brands to grow faster with less costs.

We do this through building ‘look-a-like’ audiences. Target new consumers who are likely to be interested because they share characteristics with your current consumer base.

Tappr Network can help you improve your ROI 3 -4 times and spend your advertisement budget more effectively.
An NFC tag is inserted into a bike for customer support efficiency
Your products become
a new point-of-sale

We enable your business to drive incremental revenue by using your product as an additional commerce channel

"At Brinckers we have a strong focus on our dealers, we want to win together!

With Tappr Network we were able to show both our consumers and our dealers what Brinckers is all about. We can bring relevant and interesting information to our consumers and additionally, we drive more revenue for our dealers by reminding consumers to service their bikes.

Consumer, dealer & brand wins in this equation. Thanks Tappr Network!"
we have a problem…

Last year, 1 out of 4 consumers was tricked into buying counterfeit products.

Tappr Network is 100% succesful at preventing counterfeit.

Every item has a unique, invisible and encrypted tag that your customer can tap to confirm product authenticity.

Consumers tap their digitised product with their phone and a product experiences launches automatically.

Consumers do not need to download an app.
A girl is tapping a sneaker containing an NFC tag with her mobile phone

Consumers tap their phone at your product

Consumers hold their smartphone in close proximity of the tag integrated in your product. The phone will buzz and a mobile experience is opened. There is no app required!

A registration process starts to connect consumers and brands using NFC.

Consumers connect with email or social sign-in

After consumers have tapped their phone, a mobile experience is opened. As the product model is identified instantly, the experience is fully customised to the product. Consumers can claim ownership to maximise the lifetime of their product.

A branded experience in PWA (progressive web app) is shown using NFC or QR as a carrier

Direct connection between Consumers, Brands and Products

Simple as that, you and your consumer are connected. And you have a shared interest, the product.

Consumers have direct access to all relevant information, such as product features, specifications, maintenance guidelines, manuals, any data that is relevant.

Brands can provide opportunities to present relevant products, provide restocking, receive feedback, consumer insights and more.

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QR Code in Fashion QR Code in Fashion
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What is Tappr Network?

Tappr Network is a SaaS platform that provides NFC tag management and allows brands to easily build and scale mobile experiences for consumer products. We have automated almost any facets required to have NFC / QR embedded in every product.

Additionally, we offer consulting & implementation services to launch successful NFC campaigns. With Tappr Network, brands can reap all the benefits with nearly zero time commitment of internal capacity.
NFC & QR in brand promotion in Netherlands

What products can be activated using Tappr Network?

You can activate any product through Tappr Network.

There are countless type of tags that seamlessly integrate in your products. We consult your product designer to get it right from the start.
NFC & QR in brand promotion in Netherlands

What is NFC?

NFC stands for 'Near-Field-Communication'. It is a technology to wirelessly transmit small amount of information. The most prominent example of NFC is the wireless payments through tapping your bank card or mobile phones.

In order for NFC to work, the mobile phone (or any NFC reader) has to be in close proximity to the actual tag. This is depending on the tag on average 3 centimeter.
NFC & QR in brand promotion in Netherlands

Does NFC technology have privacy risks?

No. The NFC tags we use are passive, meaning they have no battery. When there is no smartphone close-by, the tags are not powered and are completely disabled.

An NFC tag is only active when it's in close proximity of an NFC reader (smartphone). Because the NFC reader transmits a small power to the tag, the tag is powered on and transmits a small amount of information.
NFC & QR in brand promotion in Netherlands

When using Tappr Network, can I use my own branding?

Yes, Tappr Network is completely invisible to your customers. We want to strengthen your brand image, therefore, every detail is branded in your style.
NFC & QR in brand promotion in Netherlands

How long does an NFC tag last?

Our tags can live up to 25 years. Of course, this depends on a lot of variables such as application and conditions.